About Niji Designs and Antiques

a brief history

Flower created by Niji Designs and Antiques

“My mom taught me to crochet in high school. In college, I made one thing. I did not crochet anything else until 2015. The items that have become the backbone of Niji Designs began as gifts for family and friends. A hobby of mine has developed into something more – and this website is now the next big thing.”

A. Wood, Founder & Crocheteuse

Blue and green baby booties on wooden surface

Flower Created by Niji Designs and Antiques

“My inspiration is God’s creation. I see color everywhere, and I want to reflect that in my work. That’s why I like colorful yarns – particularly brilliant shades of purple. I want my work to be like the rainbow – a kaleidoscope.”

A. Wood, Founder & Crocheteuse

Pink scarf rolled up and resting on a wooden table

Niji Designs and Antiques began in 2015 as a hobby, a past-time – crocheted gifts for friends and family. What began so simply has since grown into a micro-business. Supported by the same friends and family who received those first gifts, it is hoped that Niji Designs will continue to grow and be a blessing to everyone involved in the years to come.

Why Niji Designs?

“Niji” is the Japanese word for “rainbow.” As varied as the patterns for our products have become, there is one element that touches them all: color. We wanted a name that reflected the profusion and love of color that is evident in everything that we do, from the simplest baby beanie to the most intricate summer shawl. The rainbow is a kaleidoscope of God’s creativity. We are delighted to reflect a little of that wonder in our creations.

What is Niji Designs?

It would be fair to say that Niji Designs exists in that space between business and pleasure. While crafting new and interesting designs in beautiful yarns is a joy in itself, those at Niji Designs also appreciate being able to sell those same creations to an audience who values their quality and uniqueness. More than a hobby, less than an enterprise, Niji Designs is an entrepreneurial endeavor that fuses exploration, discovery, and delight with retail on an online marketplace.

How does Niji Designs operate?

Niji Designs takes a collaborative approach to its work. Designs are researched and implemented primarily by founder and head crocheteuse, A. Wood, but color combinations and additional design ideas from customers, friends and family have added to the depth and breadth of products offered over the years.

Niji Designs is committed to quality creations that combine colorful yarns with imagination and dedicated craftsmanship.

Where is Niji Designs located?

While Niji Designs had its beginning in the DC-Metro area of the East Coast, United States, it has moved in recent years and is now located near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Niji Designs has never had a physical store, instead working by word-of-mouth, local delivery, and mail service. Changing coasts has not altered this relaxed approach to commerce. With its growing online presence, however, Niji Designs is now better able to serve customers from coast-to-coast in the United States, and even hopes to grow a customer base in neighboring Canada.

Who founded Niji Designs?

A. Wood is the founder of Niji Designs and Antiques and is also the head crocheteuse. She used to work in IT, specifically programming (which she enjoyed) and testing (which she enjoyed more). Due to various circumstances, that type of work was no longer an option for her. Friends and family encouraged her to use her newfound time to do something else that she enjoyed. That turned out to be crocheting.

While crocheting, sewing and embroidery were skills that she had had since high school, A. Wood had never been able to invest the time necessary to hone her craft. The Lord gave her that opportunity in 2015, and He has blessed her efforts ever since.

In 2019, A. Wood teamed up with one of her two daughters to create a website to showcase her work. Photos from that original website were taken by her other daughter, who was and is a skilled photographer. In 2020, a more extensive website was crafted to better serve the online community. The website continues to grow and expand as Niji Designs matures.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Psalms 19:1 (ESV)