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List of Frequently Asked Questions

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On average, we will ship your product(s) to you between three and five weeks from the time that you place your order. Shipping times vary, depending on how many items you order, what kind of products you order, and when you order. Since we make each item by hand, we need time to create each product in turn. Additionally, during some seasons order volume is higher, increasing the amount of time between order placement and order shipping.
Yes, we offer gift wrapping for all orders, for an additional cost of $3. You can choose between a gift bag and a gift box. You can also ask that we include a short note with the gift. Please keep in mind that the gift box is narrow and more appropriate for scarves.

We do not have an average scarf size, per se. Adult scarves, youth scarves and baby scarves have various available sizes. If you would like to know the approximate measurements for each scarf type, please check out our Product Size Guide.

Yes, we apply a bulk discount to any order of two or more products or items.

Yes, free shipping is available on the Niji Designs website. If your order subtotal is $150 or more, your order will automatically apply for free shipping. However, this only applies to orders with a shipping address located within the contiguous United States. Orders with shipping addresses outside the lower 48 states are not currently eligible for this rebate.

Local pickup is a delivery option and means that you would like to pick up your order at an agreed upon local location rather than having your order mailed to you. If you select this option, you will be contacted once your order is complete to discuss where and when pick up can occur. The “local pickup” delivery option is only available to individuals living in Pahrump, Nevada.

“Local pickup” is a delivery option available to individuals living in Pahrump, Nevada only. However, individuals in the medical profession (including those working in the fields of dentistry and optometry) who have received “free shipping” coupons can use these coupons on their online orders and can coordinate the drop-off of their order at their place of business once their order has been completed.

Yes, you can – we have a special product option called “Choose-It-Yourself.” With this option, you can pick the yarn(s) for your accessory. Check out our yarn options by browsing our Guide to Yarns. If you want a yarn that is not contained in our Guide to Yarns, please contact us directly.

For custom sizes for scarves or any other accessory, please contact us. Any custom orders will be subject to additional fees.

Yes, we have a refund policy. Please refer to the answer of the following question for more details.
If the yarn needed for your order suddenly becomes unavailable, we will contact you directly and ask you if you want a refund or if you want a similar yarn that is still available to be used for your order. If you choose the refund, we will return your payment in full.

Niji Designs accepts all major credit cards, including: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Prepaid, American Express, and Discover. For any other card types, please contact us directly to manually make the transaction.

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