“Pink Dream” Textured Hat and Scarf Baby Set


Gift your little one with this eye-catching ensemble. The Pink Dream Textured Hat and Scarf Baby Set includes a plush hat in gem-like shades of pink, peach and blue, with a matching scarf. Designed to keep your little one warm and cozy – no matter the season – the Pink Dream Textured Hat and Scarf Baby Set is both beautiful and functional.

Choose the size of the hat and scarf to suit your needs. Prefer your baby’s apparel with a little more room to grow? Perhaps you would prefer the hat and scarf in the large size. Prefer a snugger fit? Maybe a medium would be a better choice. Buying for a newborn? Try the small size. Or even mix and match – the choice is yours. Make your order today.

Hat Size

Large, Medium, Small

Scarf Size

Large, Medium, Small

Product Style


Product Color

Pink Dream

Hat Color

Pink Dream

Scarf Color

Pink Dream

Hat Style


Product Type

Hat, Scarf, Set

Product Detailing

No Fringe, No Pom-pom(s), No Rose, No Trim


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